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Pé na Estrada - a TV show dedicated to the transportation business and specially to road transportation.

On air since 2004, as a result of a partnership between the journalist Pedro Trucão and the magazine O Carreteiro (The Trucker), Pé na Estrada, that means Get On the Road, is focused on showing the value of the professional drivers.

The show's philosophy is to demonstrate how important the workers in the transportation segment are to the society and the economy, especially the truck drivers. As well as, show the beauties of the country through the eyes of the ones that are always on the road.

The show follows an informative and opinionated journalistic line, with great participation of the public.

With articles directed to truckers, people in the transportation business, and general public, the subjects regard costs management, quality of the services provided on the roads and cities, drivers' self appearance, safety, and also the news in the industry. Pé na Estrada also shows the everyday life of the ones on the road and the letters, e-mails and messages sent by the viewers.

Pé na Estrada is on every Sunday at noon on TV Bandeirantes (BAND) and anytime on the internet.

Watch an English version below:

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